Dodge That Anvil!

The sky is falling! Eastwarren's rabbits have been forced underground, and only one brave harvester stands between them and starvation. Travel through bountiful fields while unraveling the mystery of the perilous anvil storm. Be clever, be quick, and dodge that anvil!

 Download for Windows

 Download for Mac OS X (10.6 and below)

  • Streamlined gameplay for all skill levels
  • Boss battles, secret areas, and more!
  • Over 40 levels in all, with three game modes
  • Havok® physics power the cartoon chaos!
  • Available for Windows and Mac OS X

"It's the perfect indie game: super-simple to play, but edge-of-your-seat addictive."  - Dave Kosak, GameSpy

"One of the wackiest and most fun platformers in a long time."  - William Usher, GameTunnel

"There is much to love about Dodge That Anvil!"  - Jay Bibby, Jay is Games

Rated E by ESRB

IGF Winner

GT Webgame of the Year